BORN: c. 1430

Edmund was born to Katherine of Valois (widow of Henry V) and Owen Tudor around 1430, probably at Much Hadham, Hertfordshire. His brother Jasper was born around a year later at Hatfield. He was also the half brother of the young king, Henry VI. After their mother's death in 1437 they were placed in the care of the abbess of Barking, Katherine de la Pole.

In 1452, Edmund and Jasper were formally brought into the royal family and were made earls: Edmund the Earl of Richmond and Jasper the Earl of Pembroke. In March 1453, Edmund and Jasper were given joint custody of Margaret Beaufort, heiress of the Duke of Somerset. Edmund later married Margaret in 1455, when she was 12 years old, and fathered the future Henry VII, although Edmund died before his son was born. Edmund was originally buried at Greyfriar's Church in Carmarthen, but his tomb was moved to St. David's Cathedral during the Reformation where it can be seen today.