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'General Description of England and Ireland' by Laurence Nowell c.1564. The artist is in the lower left hand corner and his patron, Sir William Cecil is in the right corner. Original map size: 21.2 X 30.9 cm
Medium resolution(118K)
High resolution(470K)
Full uncompressed image(12 MB)
British Library
The Armada Map 1588 (100K) British Library

A map of Raleigh's colony in Viriginia founded in 1585 (102K)

British Library

Reconstructed map of Bosworth Field with positions of Henry Tudor's and Richard III's armies (121K)


Modern outline map of the United Kingdom (April 2001 boundary revision)

Medium resolution(184K)
High resolution(504K)
(small labels readable)

Reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of the Ordnance Survey © Crown copyright 2001.
Modern political map of Europe - 1995 (302K) University of Texas PCL on-line map collections
A relief map of the planet Venus. All but one of the features on the planet are named after women. From Tudor times: Jane Grey, Mary Stuart, Isabella of Spain (mother to Catherine of Aragon), Mary Sidney, Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour. (119K) NASA