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21 February 2012

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Margaret Tudor to her father, Henry VII


The top part was written by a secretary, the bottom by Margaret's own hand.

Hi-res image (226K) and transcript of letter

Kathryn Howard to Thomas Culpepper


The letter written by Kathryn Howard to Thomas Culpepper that was part of the evidence against her in her downfall.

Hi-res image (212K) and transcript

Princess Elizabeth to Katherine Parr


Dedication of Elizabeth's translation of "The Mirror of the Sinful Soul" to Katherine Parr.

Images and Transcripts

Princess Elizabeth "To the Reader"


Introduction of Elizabeth's translation of "The Mirror of the Sinful Soul".

Images and transcripts

Princess Elizabeth to Mary I - "The Tide Letter"


This is the second page of the letter. Elizabeth drew large lines across the blank parts of the letter to prevent anyone from adding anything to it. It was called the "tide letter" since Elizabeth was to sail with the tide to the Tower and by delaying, they missed it. In the letter, Elizabeth begs her sister for an audience.

Hi-res version (207K)


The Earl of Leicester to Elizabeth I "His Last Letter"

last letter

Elizabeth kept this letter from Robert Dudley and wrote "his last letter" on it since it was the last she received from him before his death.

Hi-res version (126K)