By Kelly Rogers

The Queens/Brides of Henry VIII

Life of Catherine of Aragon
Old Spanish princess
ugly and undesired
replaced by young maid

Life of Anne Boleyn
Power-hungry girl
searches for unique glory
sexy yet headless

Life of Jane Seymour
Jane, Jane, fair but plain
marries king for family
is "rescued" promptly

Life of Anne of Cleves
Hideous German
displeases his majesty
yet escapes scaffold

Life of Kathryn Howard
Very young beauty
a rose with no thorn
adultery dooms

Life of Catherine Parr
A bride for Seymour
a nurse for his majesty
reformed wife of both

The Tudor Kings/Queens

Life of Henry VII
Lancanshire Duke/King
marries Elizabeth of York
start of dynasty

Life of Henry VIII
Great Harry's tyranny
three bloody decades for Brits
heads roll as wars wage

Life of Edward VI
The frail Seymour king
a royal family affair
the boy king mem'ry

Life of Mary I
Woman with mission
to bring love for church and spouse
people fear her fiery wrath

Life of Elizabeth I
Queen of the great realm
neither like Henry nor like Anne
one with no master

Misc. Tudor Peoples

Life of Mary Stuart
A fair Scottish Queen
a beautiful French princess
an English danger

Life of Robert Dudley
The dashing suitor
Elizabeth's love in life
consumed by lettuce!