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Blois, Treaty of

Treaty of 1572 between England and France. The English hoped thereby to isolate Spain and to prevent France invading Flanders.

Bruges, Treaty of

15 August 1521. Secret treaty between Emperor Charles V and Henry VIII providing for a joint invasion of France before March 1523. Did not materialise. English staged campaign (autumn 1523), and with minimal help from Charles got nowhere.

Cateau-Cambresis, Treaties of

In 1559 both England and Spain signed separate treaties with France ending hostilities. The French retained Calais for 8 years but renounced territorial ambitions in Italy.

Etaples, Treaty of

1492. Treaty between Henry VII and Charles VIII of France. Compensated England for involvement in campaign and ensured that the French would not support Perkin Warbeck or other pretenders to the throne.

London, Treaty of

1518. Makes peace between France, England, Holy Roman Empire, the Papacy, Spain, Burgundy adn the Netherlands.

Perpetual Peace, Treaty of

1502. Treaty signed as part of the marriage negotiations of Margaret Tudor, daughter of the Henry VII of England and James IV, King of Scotland.

Rouen, Treaty of

1517 Treaty between France and Scottland. Not ratified until 1522.

Westminster, Treaty of

1527. Treaty between England and France against the Empire.

Windsor, Treaty of

1522 Treaty between England and the Holy Roman Empire. Was to include a marriage between Princess Mary and the Emperor. Broken in 1525.