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Bedford, Duke of and Earl of

1485-1495 Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford
1549-1555 Lord John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford
1555-1585 Francis Russell (son of above)
1585-1627 Edward Russell

Burghley, Lord

1570-1598 Sir William Cecil
1598-1623 Thomas Cecil

Cumberland, Earl of

1525-1542 Henry Clifford
1542-1570 Henry Clifford (son of above)
1570-1605 George Clifford

Derby, Earl of

1485-1504 Thomas Stanley
1504-1521 Thomas Stanley (grandson of above)
1521-1572 Edward Stanley
1572-1593 Henry Stanley
1593-1594 Ferninando Stanley (brother of above)
1594-1642 William Stanley (brother of above)

Dorset, Marquis of

1485-1501 Thomas Grey, restored to title
1501-1530 Thomas Grey, 3rd son of above
1530-1551 Henry Grey (made Duke of Suffolk in 1551)

Essex, Earl of

1493-1540 Henry Bourchier
1540-1540 Thomas Cromwell (executed in 1540)
1543-1553 William Parr (forfeited title in 1553)
1572-1576 Walter Devereux
1576-1601 Robert Devereux (executed in 1601)

Hertford, Earl of

1537-1547 Sir Edward Seymour
1559-1621 Edward Seymour, son of above

Huntingdon, Earl of

1529-1545 George Hastings
1545-1561 Francis Hastings
1561-1595 Henry Hastings

Lincoln, Earl of

1467-1487 John de la Pole
1525-1534 Henry Brandon (son of Charles Brandon)
1572-1585 Lord Edward Fiennes de Clinton

Norfolk, Duke of

1483-1485 John Howard (died at Bosworth Field)
1514-1524 Thomas Howard (son of above)
1524-1554 Thomas Howard (son of above; did not hold title from 1547-1553)
1554-1572 Thomas Howard (grandson of above; executed in 1572)

Northumberland, Earl of and Duke of

1470-1489 Sir Henry Percy
1489-1527 Sir Henry Algernon Percy
1527-1537 Sir Henry Percy (son of above)
1551-1553 John Dudley (only Duke of Northumberland)
1557-1571 Sir Thomas Percy (grandson of Henry Algernon Percy)
1572-1585 Sir Henry Percy (brother of above)
1585-1632 Sir Henry Percy (son of above)

Ormonde, Earl of and Baron of

1477-1515 Thomas Butler (Earl of Ormonde)
1515-1528 Sir Piers Butler (was forced to relinquish title by Henry VIII)
1529-1538 Thomas Boleyn created Earl of Ormonde
1538-1539 Sir Piers Butler restored to Earl of Ormonde
1541-1546 James Butler
1546-1614 Thomas Butler (son of above)

Oxford, Earl of

1485-1513 John de Vere
1514-1526 John de Vere (nephew of above)
1526-1540 John de Vere (second cousin of above)
1540-1562 John de Vere (son of above)
1562-1604 Edward de Vere

Pembroke, Marquess of and Earl of

1452-1461 Jasper Tudor (stripped of title)
1470-1471 Jasper Tudor (restored to title and again stripped of title)
1485-1495 Jasper Tudor (again restored to title)
1532-1536 Anne Boleyn (Marquess, held title in her own right)
1551-1570 William Herbert
1570-1601 Henry Herbert, Lord Herbert

Rochford, Baron of and Viscount of

1495 Thomas Boleyn (Baron Rochford of Rochford)
1525-1530 Thomas Boleyn (Viscount Rochford; son of above)
1530-1536 George Boleyn (son of above)

Shrewsbury, Earl of

1473-? George Talbot
1538-1560 Francis Talbot (son of above)
1560-1590 Geroge Talbot (son of above)
1590-1616 Gilbert Talbot (son of above)

Somerset, Duke of

1500-1500 Edmund Tudor (infant son of Henry VII)
1525-1536 Henry Fitzroy
1547-1552 Edward Seymour (executed)

Southampton, Earl of

1537-1542 William FitzWilliam, Lord High Admiral
1547-1550 Sir Thomas Wriothesley
1550-1581 Henry Wriothesley (son of above)
1581-1624 Henry Wriothesley (son of above)

Stafford, Baron

1485-1521 Edward Stafford (restored to father's title; executed)
1547-1563 Henry Stafford (son of above, recovered title)
1563-1565 Henry Stafford (son of above)
1566-1603 Edward Stafford (brother of above)

Suffolk, Duke of and Earl of

1455-1492 John de la Pole (Duke of Suffolk)
1492-1493 Edmund de la Pole (Duke of Suffolk)
1493-1513 Edmund de la Pole (Earl of Suffolk, executed)
1514-1545 Charles Brandon (Duke of Suffolk)
1545-1551 Henry Brandon (son of above, Duke of Suffolk)
1551-1551 Charles Brandon (son of Charles, brother of above, Duke of Suffolk)
1551-1554 Henry Grey (Duke of Suffolk; executed)

Surrey, Earl of

1483-1514 Thomas Howard
1514-1524 Thomas Howard (son of above)
1524-1547 Henry Howard (son of above; executed)
1553-1554 Thomas Howard (restored to title)
1554-1572 Thomas Howard (grandson of 2nd Thomas above; executed)
1572- ? Philip Howard (son of above)

Sussex, Earl of

1529-1542 Sir Robert Radcliffe
1542-1557 Sir Henry Radcliffe (son of above)
1557-1583 Sir Thomas Radcliffe (son of above)
1583-1593 Sir Henry Radcliffe (brother of above)
1593-1629 Robert Radcliffe (son of above)

Warwick, Earl of

1475-1499 Edward (son of the Duke of Clarence and nephew of Edward IV; executed)
1547-1551 John Dudley
1551-1554 Lord John Dudley (son of above)
1561-1590 Sir Ambrose Dudley (brother of above)