Looking for a shortcut to the spice rich lands of Asia to help cut out the expensive middle-man of the overland trade route, Christopher Columbus set off with the financing of Isabella of Spain.

Of course, we know now that if you sail west from Europe, you'll hit the Americas, not Asia. Columbus landed in the "Indies" on his first voyage and Haiti on his second where he discovered the other type of pepper we know today.

Many new foods came to Europe from the newly discovered lands in the west: Maize, potatoes, chocolate, peanuts, vanilla, tomatoes, pineapples, lima beans, sweet and chili peppers, tapioca and the turkey.

The turkey arrived in Europe in 1523 or 1524 and in England shortly after that. The potato reached England at some point in the late 1500s. Most likely, Sir Francis Drake brought them from Cartegena when he picked up supplies there.

English sailors found vast supplies of cod off the coast of what we now call Newfoundland in the late 1490s and began catching and bringing them back to England.