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Question from Elizabeth M - Assassination of Henry's uncle/ambassador from "The Tudors"

I was wondering about something that was portrayed in the first episode of season I of The Tudors. The murder of Henry's "uncle," the ambassador to Urbino murdered by the French. I know the historical facts are not accurate in this series, but I am wondering if this incident was based on a real life incident?

[Ed. note - The question of who the uncle was came up a while back, but the question about the assassination of an ambassador hasn't been addressed that I know of. In the previous thread it seems that none of the real potential candidates for the "uncle" were murdered, but was there perhaps a real assassination that was rolled into this character?]

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Blogger Bearded Lady said...

I would say that they took the character of William Courtenay and handed him the fate of Oddantonio da Montefeltro. Oddantonio was murdered in the Ducal Palace in a similar Brutus like manner...except a century before Henry VIII. It was a very strange scene to include.

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