Sunday, May 31, 2009

Question from David - Tunnel between Hampton Court and Nonsuch Palaces

I believe there is a tunnel between Hampton court place and Nonsuch Palace (now demolished).
Can you confirm this and point to any sources of info please?


Blogger Lara said...

I couldn't find any references to a tunnel in Thurley's "The Royal Palaces of Tudor England". He did, however, discuss that Nonsuch was a "satellite" palace of Hampton Court, meaning that the whole court would be at Hampton Court, but Henry and some of his closer companions could use Nonsuch as a smaller retreat, but still have the whole court close by. Perhaps someone misinterpreted this to mean that the two palaces were physically connected?

If there is a detailed discussion somewhere of the 1959 excavations of Nonsuch, there would probably be a note there if such a tunnel existed. Considering the two palaces are 5-10 miles apart with a river in between, I think it is unlikely there was a tunnel, but I guess it's not impossible.

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