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Question from Paige - Hair color etc. of Henry's wives

hi there,
i modify dolls and have decided to make all six of henry's wives. from what i can gather with descriptions and pictures is that anne boleyn had dark brown hair and eyebrows with big black eyes. common sense and science tells me jane seymour was a red head, as her son edward had red hair, as did henry. had she had dark hair, that would have been the prominent gene.
unfortunately in all the pictures of the other wives, they are wearing lovely headdresses (which i will also include in the costumes of my dolls) but i cannot tell their hair and eye colors.
if anyone can help me, id be very grateful :)



Anonymous monica said...

KATHERINE OF ARAGON is described as small, with reddish hair which had turned a dull brown colour by her mid-thirties.She was considered attractive as a young woman, but quickly lost this and by the time she was in her early thirties, the King of France considered her 'old and deformed [ugly]'. As a young woman she was famed for her hair, which was very long and unlike Henry's other wives she wore loose the majority of the time. She was apparently plump.

ANNE BOLEYN was indeed described as having long dark brown hair - long enough to sit on - and large 'black' eyes. She is also described as having sallow skin. Ignore the portraits showing a reddish tinge; this was a popular attribute to add to portraits in the 16th century, as was pale skin.

JANE SEYMOUR - her portrait gives no indication of her hair colour. The descriptions we have show her as a plain woman, with very pale skin. I always imagined her to have light brown hair, though I don't know why. Red hair was considerd very attractive; I don't think she would have insisted on all wearing the gable hood, which covered all the hair, if her hair was one of her best features.

ANNE OF CLEVES - tall, 'of middling beauty' and with smallpox scars on her face. Her portrait shows a woman with brown, wide-set eyes and a round face. We have no indication of her hair colour.

CATHERINE HOWARD - we have no portrait that we can be sure is her; the two thought to be her show a woman with blonde-brown hair. She was said to be very short and quite plump. She died as a teenager. Some sources describe her as beautiful, others as average.

KATHERINE PARR - Her skeleton, when examined in the 19th century, showed her to be 5'2" with auburn, curly hair.

As to eye colours, I think you'll have to scrutunise the portraits; the ones on Google images weren't clear enough for me to be sure.

January 27, 2008 7:51 AM  
Anonymous monica said...

Also, of course, you can go by the eyebrows in the portraits: Anne of Cleves had dark brown eyebrows, so probably had dark brown hair.

January 27, 2008 1:16 PM  
Blogger porcelana. said...

thankyou so much :) gives me more of an idea. maybe i could cheat a little and make one blonde to break up the colours so they dont look too similar ;)
thankyou again!

February 02, 2008 5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katherine of Aragon had strawberry blonde hair, was of average height, and was slim, until her late 30's. Pregnancies and miscarriages had taken its toll on her.

Anne Boleyn had long dark hair, almost black. Her eyes were almost black too and she had olive skin. She apparently had moles on her too. She was petite in stature and physique.

Jane Seymour was a blonde. Not brunette or a redhead. She was slim, and had pale skin and "mouse" like features.

Anne of Cleves was believed to be a little "chubby" compared to Henry's previous wives, one of the reasons he quickly divorced her. She was small and apparently her hair was brunette.

Katherine Howard had auburn hair. She is the cousin of Anne Boleyn. She wasn't slim but not chubby either. She was only a slip of a girl when Henry found out she had another lover and had her beheaded.

Katherine Parr had brown hair. Blue eyes I believe too. She was of average height as well.

November 22, 2008 3:42 PM  
Anonymous Freya said...

Katherine Of Aragon - Had brown hair with a lot of red highlights and it was said she had extremely light eyes. Her family house (Trastamara)was fair.

Jane Seymour - Had a receding chin and her hair was almost white blonde.

Anne Boleyn had black hair and black eyes (as you mentioned).

Anne Of Cleves- Anne had copper-red-brown hair and being that she was from Germany she probably had blue eyes. She not overweight, she was just big boned.

Katherine Howard- Had brown and dark eyes, she was considered (by Henry) as the most beautiful.

Catherine Parr- Had Dark brown hair and blue eyes. She had somewhat Asian eyes and high cheekbones.

January 29, 2009 7:06 PM  

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