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Question from Gordy - Elizabeth Woodville and Children

I am interested in the fate of Elizabeth Woodville, and her surviving children, what became of them?


Anonymous PhD Historian said...

Following the accession of Henry Tudor as Henry VII in 1485, Elizabeth Woodville went through a brief struggle to retain her dower lands, but being deprived of them in February 1487, she retired to Bermondsey Abbey shortly thereafter. She died at Bermondsey in about April 1492 and was buried beside her last husband, Edward IV, at St George's Chapel, Windsor. She had two sons by her first marriage, to Sir John Grey. The second of these, Richard, was executed under Richard III's (then still Duke of Gloucester) orders in 1483. The eldest, Thomas Grey, was made Marquess of Dorset in 1475. His descendants included Jane Grey and the earls of Stamford. The male Grey line became extinct in 1976 at the death of the tenth Earl of Stamford. Elizabeth Woodville also had ten children by her last husband, Edward IV. Her sons Edward (V) and Richard disappeared in 1483, probably assassinated by their uncle, Richard III. A third son, George, died in infancy. Her eldest daughter Elizabeth married Henry VII and became the mother of Henry VIII. Two daughters, Mary and Margaret, pre-deceased their mother. Surviving daughter Katherine married William Courtenay and later became Mary Tudor's godmother. Katherine's grandson Edward Courtenay spent most of his life in the Tower because of his Plantagenet claim to the throne, though in late 1553 he was put forward as a potential husband for Queen Mary. Woodville's daughter Cecily was briefly married to an ally of Richard III, but that marriage was soon dissolved and she remarried to John Welles, Viscount Welles in about 1487. She had two daughters by, both of whom married but both are generally believed to have died childless. Following Welle's death, Cecily remarried to Thomas Kyme of the Isle of Wight. She bore him at least one son and one daughter, though little is known about them. Woodville's daughter Anne married Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk and bore him 3 sons and a daughter. The Howards continue as Dukes of Norfolk to the present day. Woodville's last daughter, Bridget, entered the nunnery at Dartford and died there in 1517.

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Blogger Lara said...

Thanks for compiling all of that. I'm pretty sure I had most of it in my notes from the Tudor history class I took in college 15 years ago, since my prof did a really good run-down of how Henry VII (and later Henry VIII) took care of the remaining Yorkists in various ways. We had a family tree and basically crossed them off as we went!

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