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Question from Marcy - Henry VIII son by Mary Berkeley (Perrot)?

Did Henry VIII father a child by Mary Berkeley, who took her husband's name Perrot? I understand he later became Sir John Perrot. Thanks


Anonymous PhD Historian said...

The actual legend is that Mary Berkeley Perrot (d. 1586), wife of Thomas Perrot (d. 1531) had an affair with Henry VIII in about 1527 and subsequently gave birth to her third son, John Perrot, later Sir John and (after 1571) Lord Deputy of Ireland. That legend, hwoever, has been shown to be untrue.
Sir John Perrot's own wives were Ann Cheyney (d. 1553), Jane Prust (d. 1593). He had a large number of children, both legitimate by his two wives and illegitimate by a succession of mistresses, but all were born after Henry VIII's death in January 1547. Neither of his wives, Ann nor Jane, were mistresses of Henry VIII.

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