OUR holy fadre, the Pope Innocent the viij. To the p[er]petuall memory of this he [         ] to he hade, by his p[ro]pre mocion without p[ro]curewent of our soverayn lord the Kyng or other person for consernacyon of the vniuersal peas and esehewyng of Sklaun­dres, and to engendre the contrary of the same. Vnderstanding of the longe and greuous variaunce, contentions, and debates that hath ben in this Realme of Englond betwene the house of the Duchre of Lancastre on the one party, And the house of the Duchre of Yorke on that other party. Wylling alle suehe diuysions [   ] following to he put apart By the Counsell and consent of his College of Cardynalles approveth confirmyth and stablishyth the matrimonye and coniuncion made betwene our sou[er]ayn lord King Henre the seuenth of the house of Lancastre of that one party And the noble Princesse Elyzabeth of the house of Yorke of that other [party] with all thaire Issue laufully borne betwene the same

And in lyke wise his holmes co[n]fermeth stablishith and approueth the right and title to the Crowne of England of the sayde oure souerayn lorde Henry the seuenthe, and the heires of his body laufully begoten to hym [                 ] p[er]teynig aswel by reason of his nyghest and vndouted title of succession as by the right of his most noble [       ] and by eleccyon of the lordes spyrituales and temporales, and other nobles of his Realme and by the naunce and auctorite of parlyament made by the iij. states of this lande

Also our saide holy Padre the Pope of hys propur mocyon by hyegh and holy commaundemeut [                 ] requireth eu[er]y inhabitant of this lande and euery subgiect in the same of what degree, state or condicion [        ] that non of theym by occasion of any successyon, or by any other coloure or cause within this Realme [by hym]selfe, or other mediate persones attempte, in worde, or dedc ayenst the sayd oure souerayn lorde, or the [heires] of his body lawfully begoten, contrary to the peas of him and his Realme, vppon the payne of his grete curse [and Ana] theme, the whiche thay and euery of thaim that so attempteth, fallyth in forth right by that selfe dede done: the whiche curse and Anatheme noo man hath power to assoyle thaym: but our holy Fadre him selfe [or his speci]all depute to the same

Forthermore he approueth confirmeth and declareth. That yf hit please god that the sayde Elizabeth whiche God forbede shulde decesse withoute Issue bytwene oure souerayn lorde and hir of thair bodyes borne than suche Issue as bytwene hym and hir whome after that God shall ioyne him to shalbe bade and borne [         ] heritours to the same croune and realme of Englande, Commaundyng that noo man attempte the [     ] the payne of his grete curse, whiche thay and euery of thaym soo doynge fallyth in, in the selfe dede done and may not be assoyled but by hym or his speciall depute to the same.

Ouer this the same our holy Fadre yeueth his blyssing to alle princes nobles and other inhabitants of this Realme or outwarde that fauoureth aydeth and assisteth the sayde our souerayne lorde and his heires [      ] or thaire rebelles, Yeuing thayme that dye in his and thayr querrall full and plenarye Pardon, and [remissi]on of all thaire synnes.

Fynally he commaundeth alle Metropolitanes and Bisshopes vpon the payne of interdiccion of [      ] the Chirehe Abbotes Prioures Archydecones Pareshpriestes Priores and wardeyns of the frerys and [other] men of the chirche Exernpte and not Exempte opon payn of his grete curse, whiche thay fallyth in [          ] it not to denu[n]ce and declare or cause to be denu[n]ced and declared alle suche contrary doers and rebelles [     ] suche time as thay to the same in the name of the sayd o[ur] sou[er]ayn Lorde shalbe requyred with aggraua[tion of the] same curse yf the case shall so require So that if thay for drede shall not moue to publisshe the same [       ] them lefull to curse theire resistentis to the same and to oppresse theim by power temporall, whiche [      ] calle for theire assistence to the same in the sayde our holy fader's Name

And as touching the articles of this Bulle The Popys holines by this presente Bulle derog[     ] maketh voide all maner grauntes, Priueleges and Exempcions made by hym or hys predecessors [    ] ny persone or place where as they shulde or myghte be preiudiciall to the execucion of this prese[n]tis [        ] alle suche as expressely reuoked by thys same as thaugh they were written worde by worde within the presentis Bulles as by hit ondre leyde here more largely doith apere

Original spelling, brackets around spaces indicate blanks or unreadable sections in the original. Letters in brackets are expanded contractions.