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TudorCast Introductory Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome to the introductory episode of TudorCast, a podcast dedicated to Tudor History. I’m guessing that most of you listening to this came to it through either my website at, the news blog at that site or the Tudor Talk emai list. A brief bit about me for those of you who aren’t familiar with my other internet adventures. My name is Lara Eakins and I’m a long-time fan of Tudor history living in central Texas. My actual career is in astronomy, but I consider myself to be an amateur historian. I’ve taken a few college history courses, including English history to 1603 and a higher-level course just on the Tudors. I also took a wonderful class in medieval European history which gave me a much better appreciation of the history going on outside of Britain and Ireland and of the periods before the Tudors. Because I have a growing interest in medieval history, I might occasionally incorporate material that isn’t strictly in the period of 1485-1603, but there will a tie-in of some kind to the Tudors.

For starters I plan to do one of these a month, but as I get going I might go to twice a month. I doubt I’d be able to get a podcast out regularly once a week, but who knows! I’m still kicking around ideas for the format and length of this podcast, but there are a few main components I hope to have in each episode.

First, I’ll probably start of with any interesting news, such as discoveries, big exhibits, new books or movies, etc. I might also put in something about any new additions to my website if I do any large updates. For those of you who have been regular readers of the site will know that big additons come few and far between these days, but there is a lot of stuff on the back burner that is bound to eventually make its way to the site.

Next up I’m going to feature a website of the month. For this, I’d like to concentrate on sites that have made an in-depth examination of some aspect of Medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan or Renaissance History. I’ve always thought of my own site as an overview, of lots of different people, places and topics, but I don’t really have the time to get very in-depth on many topics. But, there are a lot of sites out there that have taken the opposite approach and have taken one slice of history and made an effort to get as much material as possible on that one topic.

Another regular feature will a “this month in Tudor History”. It don’t plan on just listing all the things that happened, but rather pick a few … maybe a birth, a marriage, a treaty, a battle, or whatever, and explore those in a little more detail. I’m hoping this will be a way to highlight some lesser-known people or topics, but of course I won’t skip over the more well known topics.

I’d also like to feature a letter or speech once a month, and maybe a historical recipe. I’ve always been fascinated by both the letters of the past as well as the cooking, so these should be fun to research.

Beyond these components, I might try to work in some reviews of books or movies or tv shows. I might also try to do some interviews, although it has been a long time since I’ve interviewed someone, so no promises on how good they might be.

Since I’m going to write up a script for each episode, I’ll post them at I’ll probably also do a short “show notes” listing of the featured website, any books I mention and other relevant links and information sources. I’ll also post the details of any music that I use. I might even add a regualr section to feature Renaissance music, since there is quite a bit out there. For this introductory podcast, I’m using the music of Jon Sayles, who has made recordings of himself playing Renaissance lute pieces on acoustic guitar and put them up on his website for free. I’ll have a link to his site in the show notes, as well as the titles of the specific piece that I am using. I’m also going to compile a list of other history and renaissance podcasts that folks might find interesting. I’ve been listening to some for a few weeks now trying to get ideas for what to do with my own and I’ve been really impressed with the stuff that is available out there.

Okay, I think this about wraps it up for the introductory episode. Look for the first real episode of TudorCast in the first week of April. Until next time, fare thee well!