Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sorry this is two days late

But this time it really wasn't me being behind or busy! I actually had this ready to go on Sunday and then Blogger decided to not play well with others (as in, publishing to other domains). I finally hit on something that worked (even though there is no obvious reason for WHY it worked), so now the podcast is up. The one time I actually managed to get everything together a week early, it doesn't publish...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

TudorCast #16 - September 2007

Featured Website: ElizabethI.org

Inns of Court websites: Gray's Inn, Lincoln's Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple

Survey and "The Tudors" Give-away

Music from Magnatune.com

La Primavera, The Dufay Collective (album "Cancionero") and Jacob Heringman (album "Blame Not My Lute")

Intro - "Greensleeves" by La Primavera on "English Renaissance Music"
After news - Excerpt from "Fantasia" by Dufay Collective on "Cancionero"
After "This Month" - "Baloo" by Jacob Heringman.
After glossary - "Ungaresca" by La Primavera
After text - "Bella Gioiosa" by Jacob Heringman
After closing - "Que faray ie mal fortune" by Dufay Collective on "Cancionero"

I know I said I'd link to a picture of the letter that I read in the texts section, but I can't find my scan of it, so I'll add it in another post. And I apologize for all the stray breath noises in the episode. I was kind of sloppy with trying to avoid that this month, but I'll do better next time!

Episode Transcript

Direct mp3 download