Thursday, June 22, 2006


Apparently I was more tired than I realized when I was recording the podcast last night... I completely forgot to mention that if you wanted to submit feedback on the podcast, please leave comments at (this page, but comment on the post for the podcast episode).

I was also going to mention the neat Latin tutorial at the National Archives, which you can visit here.

Hopefully I'll remember anything else I may have forgotten. :)

TudorCast #2 - June 2006

Show notes:

Website of the month - UK National Archives Palaeolography tutorial

All music in this episode is by the group La Primavera.

You can listen to the complete tracks, as well as the other tunes on this album, at

Opening/introduction music: Excerpt from "Greensleeves"

Between the News Recap and the Website of the Month: Excerpt from "Wolsey's Wilde"

Between the Website of the Month and This Month in Tudor History: Excerpt from "Volt and La Primavera"

Between This Month in Tudor History and Texts from the Tudor Period: another excerpt from "Greensleeves"

Closing music: Excerpt from "Oxenford"

Lyrics to "Pastime With Good Company" (these aren't exactly the same as the lyrics in the song in the podcast, but pretty close)

Pastime with good company I love, and shall until I die;
Grudge who lill but none deny so this live will I
For my pastance, hunt sing and dance; My heart is set,
All goodly sport, to my comfort, who shall me let?

Youth must have some dalliance, of good or ill some pastance;
Company me thinketh best allthoughts and fancies to digest;
For idleness is chief mistress of vices all:
Then who can say but mirth and play is best of all?

Company with honesty is virtue sure; and vice to flee,
Company is good or ill, but every man has his free will.
The best I sue, the worst eschew; My mind shall be
Virtue to use, vice to refuse, I shall use me.

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