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Tudor Monarchs

Henry VII

Henry VIII (2 pages total)

Edward VI

Jane Grey

Mary I

Elizabeth I (3 pages total)

Six Wives of Henry VIII

Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Kathryn Howard

Katherine Parr

Other Kings and Queens

Catherine de Medici, Queen of France

Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor

Edward IV, King of England

Edward V, King of England

Elizabeth of York, Queen of England

Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of England

Francis I, King of France

James IV, King of Scotland

James V, King of Scotland

James VI, King of Scotland/James I of England

Louis XII, King of France

Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland

Marie de Guise, Queen of Scotland

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and France

Mary Tudor, Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk

Philip II, King of Spain



Hampton Court Palace

Hatfield (House and Old Palace)

Hever Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Nonsuch Palace

Richmond Palace

Sudeley Castle

The Tower of London(2 pages total)

Warwick Castle and Town

Westminster Abbey

Windsor Castle




Other Tudor Figures
Alphabetical by first name

Anne Askew

Anthony Denny

Arabella Stuart

Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales

Blanche Parry

Catherine Grey

Catherine Willoughby

Charles Brandon (b. 1485)

Charles Brandon (b. 1537)

Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan

Christopher Hatton

Clement VII, Pope

David Rizzio

Edward Seymour (d. 1552)

Francis, Duc D'Alençon and Anjou

Hans Holbein

Henry Brandon

Henry Carey

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley

James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell

John Cheke

John Dudley

John Fisher

Katherine Ashley

Lettice Knollys

Lorenzo Campeggio

Margaret Beaufort

Margaret Douglas

Margaret Pole

Mary Boleyn

Perkin Warbeck

Robert Devereux

Robert Dudley

Roger Ascham

Simon Renard

Sybille of Cleves

Thomas Boleyn

Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Howard (d. 1554)

Thomas More

Thomas Tallis

Thomas Wolsey

Thomas Wyatt the Elder

Walter Raleigh

Will Somers

William Butts

William Cecil

William Parr