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Why don't you have any portraits from the National Portrait Gallery in London? You had a bunch at one time, what happened to them?

People who visited the site before March 2001 saw lots of famous portraits of the Tudors that have become well-known over the years, but are now no longer on my website. Although I'll go into more detail in a future copyright article, the basic answer is that I was asked to take them down by the NPG and I did.

If I had known about the Bridgeman v. Corel decision at the time (see the link to the copyright info at the bottom of the page), I might not have removed them. I don't make lots of money and my finances are pretty thinly stretched each month, so I couldn't afford to get a lawyer if they had decided to take the matter to court if had I not taken down the images. I know now that I probably would have won such a case, but even then I would have had to pay legal fees that I couldn't afford.


After I had the NPG portraits off the site for several years (while other sites continued to have them) I decided to put them back up.