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Are you a historian or an expert in Tudor history?

I am not a professional historian, but I do consider myself an amateur historian of sorts. At one point I would have thought that would have been a bit of a stretch to say, but now that I've racked up hours lost in the volumes of the Calendar of State Papers in my university's library, I think it's a justifiable statement. I also took several history classes in college, including one on Tudor England, so I also do have a bit of an academic background on the topic. My degree and current job are in astronomy, for those who are curious.

"Expert" is a relative term. I'm probably an expert on the Tudors compared to the average person. Compared to people who have devoted their careers to studying and/or writing about the period, I do NOT consider myself an expert. And there are definitely more knowledgeable amateurs out there as well. Like this site, I think of my knowledge of the period as being broad and general. I've met others who know some areas very in-depth and can debate an issue at a level that I will probably never be able to match!