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What is the purpose of this site? Who is your target audience?

The short answer is that the purpose of the site is to share my interest and thoughts on Tudor history. Therefore, the primary audience is folks who share that interest. My original goal of the site wasn't for schoolkids doing class projects, although I know that's one of the main demographic groups of my readers and I have tried to keep that in mind as I expand it.

For a more long-winded answer, keep reading.

Not too long after the site moved to Simplenet (maybe even before?), I started getting a lot of email about it and I was starting to finally get an idea about just who was reading it. That helped me really get ahold of a "philosophy" about the site -- the purpose I wanted it to serve.

The pages grew out of my personal homepage, and like most of the other stuff there was just basically a "fan" site. In the early days of the site I was getting email from basically two groups of people: other Tudor history fans and school kids. The first group usually started off their emails with "Gosh, I thought I was the only person obsessed with the Tudors!" and this is what eventually gave me the idea to start the Pen Pal pages and the TudorTalk email list. The second group - the students - usually sent emails about getting more information, how to use pictures in a project and the like.

I still primarily think of it as a fan site. Because my interests have ranged all over the topics and reigns of the period (and continue to reach earlier and earlier... I think my Wars of the Roses and medieval history books are starting to catch up with the Tudor ones!), I don't see the site ever becoming in-depth on any one thing at a very high level. If you look at the Links section of the site, you will see lots of links to pages that are devoted to one slice of Tudor history. There are some fantastic sites out these just covering fashion, food, music, the Armada, and so forth. I could never hope to reach their level of knowledge, so I just aim for a general overview of most topics and people. To try to match some of those sites would just be a needless duplication of effort and would probably never be as good! In a similar vein, I originally added portraits and pictures of people, places and things because they are our visual link to the period, and frankly, some of them are just down right neat to look at. In the case of the Holbein painting of Anne of Cleves, they are quite a part of the history itself. But, it's never been my intention to try to collect images of every person ever painted in the period or every image of Elizabeth I.

When I started getting emails from kids (and sometimes older students) saying "Thanks! Your site really helped me with my history project", I was flattered, and a bit surprised. As the internet and web became more and more accessible to kids at home and school, the volume of school-related emails has gone up drastically, so I've been trying to make the site more "student friendly". So that's why I added the student section a while back and I'd like to get a section or page up for teachers eventually too.