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Where do you get all of your information (and pictures)?

The first time I got this question, I thought it was a little odd, since I felt it should be fairly obvious. BOOKS!!! Most of the books are in my own personal collection. I have yet to meet any professional or amateur historian who isn't also (at least at heart) a fanatical bibliophile too. I know some who would have thousands of books if money and space allowed, and I know others who actually do!

A few of the images and texts come from books that I have checked out from the library. I'm lucky enough to work on a university campus with one of the largest libraries in the United States and with lots of great Tudor resources.

Most of the images have come from my own books or library books, but some are also from postcards that I have bought when visiting galleries or properties. The majority of photographs at the site are ones that I took myself when visiting the UK.