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Who are your favorite Tudors? Who is your favorite wife of Henry VIII?

I get asked variations on these questions all the time, and they are really hard to answer. If someone put a gun to my head and said "Name your favorite Tudor -- NOW!", then I would have to go with Elizabeth I. But I also have a great interest in Henry VII (yes, that's a 7... you read it right). And branching out from the Kings and Queens, I also have a strong interest in Jasper Tudor (most people at this point say "Who????" -- Henry VII's uncle if you didn't know), Margaret Beaufort and Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland.

It would be even harder for me to pick a favorite of Henry VIII's wives. I have a certain soft spot for Anne Boleyn, since she's Elizabeth's mother and I also really like Katherine Parr and admire her intelligence and love of learning. I also have an odd interest in the wife that I think got the best lot in life of the bunch -- Anne of Cleves. Think about it... she only had to stay married to Henry for six months, didn't have to be intimate with him (if you take my meaning), got to keep her head and some castles to boot! I think the other three are interesting too (especially Catherine of Aragon), but I don't think I would ever call any of them my "favorite".