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Who runs this site? Where are you located? Where is the site published?

...and all the other things you might need for a bibliography for a school project or paper

Even though a lot of this information is somewhere on the page, I still get emails asking for it, so I decided to compile all the answers into one place.

My name is Lara E. Eakins and the site is created in and uploaded from my hometown of Austin, Texas.

I run the site myself as a hobby and it is not part of any organization, company, university (even though I work at one... this site isn't part of that job), etc.

The latest update information for an individual page is located at the bottom, above the copyright and image use link or on the left hand side of the page. I've started keeping a record of the changes I make (Wikipedia-style) on some of the pages and hope to have that up for all of them eventually.