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1452 2-Oct Richard III born
1457 28-Jan Henry VII born
1472 19-Jan Nicholas Copernicus born
1478 7-Feb Sir Thomas More born
1485 22-Aug Battle of Bosworth Field; Richard III dies; Henry VII becomes king
15-Dec Catherine of Aragon born
1486 19-Sep Arthur, Prince of Wales, born
1489 2-Jul Thomas Cranmer born
1489 29-Nov Margaret Tudor born
1491 28-Jun Henry VIII born
1500 24-Feb Charles V of Spain born
1501 27-Sep Catherine of Aragon arrives in England
14-Nov Catherine of Aragon married Arthur, Prince of Wales
1502 2-Apr Arthur, Prince of Wales, died
1509 22-Apr Henry VII died; Henry VIII ascended to the throne
11-Jun Catherine of Aragon married Henry VIII
24-Jun Catherine of Aragon crowned Queen
1513 9-Sep Battle of Flodden
1514 16-Jun Sir John Cheke born
1515 22-Sep Anne of Cleves born
1516 18-Feb Mary I born
1520 6-Jun Field of the Cloth of Gold
13-Sep William Cecil, Lord Burghley, born
1528 29-Sep Cardinal Campeggio arrives in England to try the Annulment case
1529 25-Oct Thomas More became Chancellor of England
1532 16-May Thomas More resigned as Chancellor of England
1-Sep Anne Boleyn made Marquess of Pembroke
1533 25-Jan Anne Boleyn married Henry VIII
13-Apr Anne Boleyn declared Queen publically
23-May Cranmer's court divorced Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
28-May Cranmer proclaimed Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn married
1-Jun Anne Boleyn crowned
8-Jun Parliament extinguished Papal authority in England
1-Jul Henry VIII excommunicated
7-Sep Anne Boleyn gave birth to Elizabeth
10-Sep Elizabeth baptized at Greenwich
25-Nov Henry Fitzroy married Mary Howard
1534 20-Apr Eliza Barton "Maid of Kent", executed
1535 22-Jun Bishop John Fisher executed
6-Jul Sir Thomas More executed
1536 7-Jan Catherine of Aragon died
29-Jan Anne Boleyn gave birth to a still born son
17-May George Boleyn, Anne's brother, executed
19-May Anne Boleyn executed
20-May Henry VIII betrothed to Jane Seymour
30-May Henry VIII married Jane Seymour
1-Jul Elizabeth and Mary declared illegitimate by Parliament
22-Jul Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, died
1537 5-Jul Queen Magdalen of Scotland, first wife of James V, died
12-Oct Edward VI born
15-Oct Edward VI christened
24-Oct Jane Seymour died
1539 4-Sep 1539 Henry VIII betrothed to Anne of Cleves
27-Dec 1539 Anne of Cleves landed at Deal
1540 1-Jan Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves meet for the first time
6-Jan Cranmer married Henry VIII to Anne of Cleves
8-Jul Henry VIII abolished all books containing errors and heresy
9-Jul Marriage of Anne of Cleves and Henry VIII dissolved
28-Jul Henry VIII married Catherine Howard
1541 6-May Henry VIII proclaimed a new Bible must be in every church
27-May Countess of Salisbury beheaded within the Tower
18-Oct Margaret Tudor died
1542 13-Feb Catherine Howard executed
31-Aug Henry VIII proclaims limitations on prices for bows and arrows for footmen and horsemen
11-Oct Sir Thomas Wyatt (the Elder), poet, died
8-Dec Mary, Queen of Scots, born
13-Dec James V of Scotland died
1543 12-Jul Catherine Parr married Henry VIII
1544 18-May Henry VIII ordered the burning of books with news of the success of the Scottish army
1545 2-Mar Sir Thomas Bodley born
7-Dec 1545 Henry Darnley born
1546 18-Jun Anne Askew arraigned for heresy
18-Jul Anne Askew burnt at the stake
30-Dec King Henry VIII's will named Edward his heir
1547 28-Jan Henry VIII died; Edward VI ascended to the throne
20-Feb Edward VI crowned at Westminster
26-Feb Thomas Seymour wrote marriage proposal to Elizabeth
27-Feb Elizabeth wrote her refusal of marriage to Thomas Seymour
3-Mar Thomas Seymour and Katherine Parr betrothed
10-Sep The Battle of Pinkie
9-Oct Miguel de Cervantes born
1548 5-Sep Catherine Parr died
1549 16-Jan Arrest of Thomas Seymour ordered
20-Mar Sir Thomas Seymour executed
2-Dec Margaret of Navarre died
1550 4-Jun Lord Robert Dudley married Amy Robsart
1551 2-May William Camden died
15-Aug John Dudley made Gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber
11-Oct Duke of Somerset arrested
28-Oct Edward VI proclaimed new coinage for England
1552 22-Jan Duke of Somerset executed
1-Feb Edward Coke, Lord Chief justice, born
22-Aug Edward VI made royal progress to Christchurch, Hampshire
1553 1-Mar Edward VI opened Parliament
31-Mar Edward VI dissolved Parliament at Whitehall
21-May Lady Jane Grey married Guilford Dudley
6-Jul Edward VI died
10-Jul Lady Jane Grey proclaimed Queen
13-Jul Northumberland led force against Princess mary, but then retreated
20-Jul Mary Tudor proclaimed Queen
30-Jul Elizabeth took up residence at Somerset House
3-Aug Queen Mary entered London with Elizabeth
8-Aug King Edward buried at Westminster
21-Aug John Dudley, Earl of Northumberland, beheaded
24-Aug Catholic Mass sung at St.Paul's
3-Sep Edward Courtenay made Earl of Devonshire
30-Oct Mary I crowned
1554 3-Feb Sir Thomas Wyatt and followers reached Southwark
8-Feb Sir Thomas Wyatt captured
12-Feb Lady Jane Grey executed
18-Mar Elizabeth put into the Tower
11-Apr Sir Thomas Wyatt executed
17-Apr Stephen Gosson born
19-May Elizabeth released from the Tower to Woodstock
25-Jul Queen Mary married Philip of Spain
30-Nov Philip Sidney born
1555 14-Mar John, Earl of Bedford died
16-Oct Bishops Ridley and Latimer burnt at the stake
18-Oct Elizabeth allowed to go to Hatfield
12-Nov Bishop Gardiner died
1556 21-Mar Thomas Cranmer burnt at the stake
1557 16-Jul Anne of Cleves died
13-Sep Sir John Checke died
1558 5-Jan Calais fell to the French
24-Apr Mary, Queen of Scots married Francis, Dauphin of France?
6-Nov Thomas Kyd born
17-Nov Mary I died, Elizabeth succeeded to the throne
23-Nov Elizabeth commenced royal progress to London
14-Dec Mary I buried at Westminster
1559 15-Jan Elizabeth I crowned Queen
12-Mar Elizabeth made peace with France
8-May Act of Uniformity signed by Queen Elizabeth
22-Jun Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book issued
18-Sep Francis II crowned King of France
1560 11-Jun Mary of Guise died
6-Jul Treaty of Edinburgh
8-Sep Amy Robsart found dead
5-Dec Francis II died
1561 22-Jan Francis Bacon born
19-Aug Mary, Queen of Scots landed in Scotland
1562 19-Dec Battle of Dreux
1563 25-Mar Peace of Amboise
27-Jul Havre surrendered to the French
1564 6-Feb Christopher Marlowe born
15-Feb Galileo Galilei born
23-Apr Traditional birthday of William Shakespeare
11-Jul Plague began in Stratford
29-Sep Robert Dudley created Earl of Leicester
1565 29-Jul Mary, Queen of Scots, married Darnley
7-Oct Sir Thomas Chaloner died
1566 9-Mar David Riccio's murder
19-Jun James VI/I born
10-Nov Robert Devereux, Second Earl of Essex born
1567 10-Feb Darnley murdered
7-May Lord and Lady Bothwell granted a divorce
15-May Mary, Queen of Scots married Bothwell
15-Jun Mary, Queen of Scots and Bothwell parted
17-Jun Mary, Queen of Scots, imprisoned in Lochleven
24-Jul James VI declared King of Scotland
1568 30-Mar Sir Henry Wotton born
10-Oct John Hemminge died
1569 11-Jan First lottery held in England, at the steps of St. Paul's
26-Jan Mary Stuart moved from Bolton to Tutbury
5-Sep Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London, died in prison
1570 16-Apr Guy Fawlkes born
1571 23-Jan The Royal Exchange opened in London
23-Sep Bishop Jewel died
1572 2-June Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk executed
24-Aug St. Bartholomew's massacre
1573 19-Jul Dr. John Caius died
1574 31-Jan Ben Jonson born
12-Dec Anne of Denmark born
1575 14-Jul Queen Elizabeth entertained at Kenilworth
1577 12-Aug Sir Thomas Smith died
13-Dec Sir Francis Drake left Plymouth on circumnavigation voyage
1578 1-Apr William Harvey born
14-Apr Bothwell died in Denmark
1579 21-Nov Sir Thomas Gresham died
1582 15-Oct Gregorian calendar adopted by Catholic countries
28-Nov Marriage bond entered for William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway
1583 12-Jan Duke of Alva died in Lisbon
4-Mar Bernard Gilpin, rector, died
1584 9-Jun Francis, duke d'Alencon, died
10-Jul William of Orange assassinated
1585 14-Sep Sir Francis Drake sailed for Spain
1586 24-Jan Leicester accepted title of governor of the provinces
28-Jul Sir Francis Drake returned from Spain
13-Sep Conspirators in the Babington plot tried
25-Sep Mary Stuart brought to Fotheringay
17-Oct Sir Philip Sidney died
25-Oct Death sentence passed on Mary Stuart
29-Oct Parliament finds Mary Stuart guilty of treason
12-Nov Parliament petitioned Elizabeth to sign Mary Stuart's death warrant
1587 8-Feb Mary Queen of Scots executed
2-Apr Sir Francis Drake set sail to attack Spanish fleet
18-Apr John Foxe died
19-Apr Drake attacked Cadiz
18-Aug Virginia Dare born on Roanoke Island, North Carolina
1588 26-Jul 4,000 men assembled at West Tilbury to fight the Spanish
8-Aug Elizabeth addressed the troops at Tilbury
20-Aug Sermon of Thanksgiving for victory over Spain preached at St. Paul's
4-Sep Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, died
24-Nov Elizabeth went to St. Paul's to give thanks for deliverance from Spanish threat
23-Dec Henri de Lorraine, Duke of Guise, assassinated at Blois
1589 5-Jan Catherine d' Medici died
2-Aug King Henry III of France died
20-Aug James VI/I married to Anne of Denmark by proxy
1590 6-Apr Sir Francis Walshingham died
1-May James VI brought his bride Anne to Scotland
27-Aug Pope Sixtus V died
1591 20-Nov Sir Christopher Hatton died
1592 19-Feb The Rose Theater opened
3-Sep Robert Green died
1593 1-Jun Christopher Marlowe died
1594 16-Apr Earl of Derby died
7-Nov Sir Martin Forbisher died
1596 28-Jan Sir Francis Drake died
23-Jul Henry Carey, first Lord Hunsdon, died
1598 4-Aug Lord Burghley died
1599 21-Feb Shareholders signed lease to build the Globe Theater
25-Apr Oliver Cromwell born
28-Sep Earl of Essex arrived in London
1600 5-Jun Robert, Earl of Essex, placed under house arrest
5-Aug John, Earl of Gowrie, slain at Perth
1601 25-Feb Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, executed
1603 24-Mar Elizabeth I died; James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England
28-Apr Elizabeth I buried at Westminster