3 February 2013

Added probable location of the secret marriage of Anne and Henry VIII

2 December 2011

Fixed a missing word typo.

1 November 2011

Updated page design

17 April 2009

Made more changes to the description of Anne's execution. Removed "the block" and changed it to Anne kneeling on the scaffold. I also changed it to Anne removing her own headdress, again as detailed in Ives (see below). Apparently I was so destracted by getting her clothing right, I didn't check the other details! There are bound to be more errors like this around since some parts of this site haven't been updated or checked in many years.

1 December 2008

Made changes to the description of Anne's execution based on the sources listed in Ives' The Life And Death of Anne Boleyn: 'The Most Happy', p. 357.