The King’s Pearl Blog Tour Starts Today!

I’ll be part of the tour in the second week, but here are all the places you can see the whole tour:

Mon. 2nd Oct. – Tudor Times – Deborah Roil –‘The King’s Pearl’: An overview

Tues. 3rd Oct. – Sandra Alvarez –‘A Perfect Friendship’: Mary and Thomas Cromwell

Wed. 4th Oct. – Sarah Bryson – www.sarah-bryson.comSarah Bryson’s interview with Melita Thomas

Thurs. 5th Oct. – Moniek Bloks –‘Your most humble daughter’: Mary and Katherine Parr

Fri. 6th Oct. – Natalie Grueninger –‘She is my death and I am hers’: Mary & Anne

Sat. 7th Oct. – Susan Higginbotham – http:/‘My second mother’: Mary and Lady Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury

Sun. 8th Oct. – Nathen Amin Blog – www., Princess of Wales

Mon. 9th Oct. – Tamise Hills – and the Grey Family

Tues. 10th Oct. – Lara Eakins –‘A head filled with fantasies’: Mary and the Exeter Conspiracy

Wed. 11th Oct. – Carolyn Harris – review by Carolyn Harris

Thurs. 12th Oct. – Rebecca Larson – for a Princess

Fri. 13th Oct. – Amy Licence –‘My beloved future Empress’: Mary and the Emperor Charles V

Sat. 14th Oct. – Tudor Times – Deborah Roil – – Sibling rivalry: Mary, Edward and Elizabeth

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