Sunday Short Takes

I haven’t had some historical dream properties on the Sunday Short Takes for a while and now we have three. Save your pennies!

* This Elizabethan country house is for sale for the first time in 500 yearsPlas Clough in Denbighshire has previously been inherited by subsequent generations

* Grand Tudor mansion near Tamworth could be yours for £4millionHaselour Hall, which has been described as one of ‘the most charming half-timbered house in the county’, is being sold by Sutton Coldfield-based estate agency Aston Knowles.

* Castle fit for an escaping Queen on the market for £1.5 million500-year-old castle where Mary, Queen of Scots, stayed after escaping captivity from a nearby island

And in other news –

* Shakespeare in Italy – Study Shakespeare for two weeks in Italy this summer

* Behind the scenes at … Hampton Court Palace: See Henry VIII’s botch redecoration to impress Jane Seymour and stunning views from Palace roofThe Standard has taken a camera behind the scenes at Hampton Court Palace, inside its archaeological store and Tudor costume room, and to see the glorious views from the roof of the Palace.

* Introducing Open Access at The Met – I’m so happy to see more museums and galleries finally releasing public domain art *into* the public domain. It was established under Bridgeman v Corel (1999) that photographic reproductions of public domain works of art do not create a new copyright so the Met is coming into line with that decision. The question of photographs of 3D public domain objects hasn’t been quite as straightforward, but the Met is also making those copyright-free. Just a few examples: Armor Garniture of George Clifford (1558–1605), Third Earl of Cumberland and Standing salt with cover.

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