Sunday Short Takes

How about a round-up of some now-very-outdated-news? 🙂

I’ve skipped the “Marlowe as Shakespeare Co-author” news stories since you couldn’t swing a dead poet without hitting those, so here are a few other things from the past month and a half (UGH) that might have slipped past people that I thought were interesting.

* Human bones mystery uncovered at Anglesey churchThe bones were discovered during a project to clean and restore a rare alabaster stone tomb at St Gredifael’s Church near Menai Bridge. The tomb at Penmynydd is of Goronwy Tudur and his wife Myfanwy – part of Tudor family dynasty. – I visited the tomb myself back in 2000 so I was pleased to see that the it continues to be cared for. This was also the church where the stained glass window honoring the Tudor dynasty was smashed by vandals and then later restored.

* More than £40k raised for Pembroke’s Henry VII statuePlans to erect a statue of Henry VII in Pembrokeshire have moved a step forward.

* Theatre where Hamlet first performed given listed statusThe archaeological remains of two Elizabethan playhouses, one of which saw the first performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, have been given listed status. – More info from Historic England: Elizabethan Playhouses and Bear Baiting Arenas Given Protection

And finally –

* Elizabeth I’s Monarchy Classroom Resource from The National Archives – Fantastic collection of primary source documents related to Elizabeth’s life and reign compiled by Dr. Tracy Borman.

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