Sunday Short Takes

A number of big stories lit up my news alerts this week so I guess I couldn’t procrastinate my way though another Sunday without doing a wrap-up! And I’m actually healthy again, which helps a lot. 🙂

This was probably the biggest story that came through:

* Altar cloth kept in rural Herefordshire church confirmed as Tudor cloth linked to Queen Elizabeth I

* And a great video from Historic Royal Palaces – The Bacton Altar Cloth:

Followed by this:

* Archaeologists blow the whistle on Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre unearthed at ShoreditchA 450-year-old children’s bird whistle is among artefacts unearthed by archaeologists excavating Shakespeare’s historic Curtain Theatre in Shoreditch.

And another interesting video – Excavating and preserving Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre – The Stage, Shoreditch:

And a few other stories that caught my eye:

* Tapestries back at Oxburgh Hall thanks to digital technology – I visited Oxburgh last year and highly recommend adding it to any Tudor-themed travel itinerary!

* Archaeologists could be close to finding the exact location of Henry VII’s birthplace at Pembroke Castle – Glimpses of what lies beneath the surface of the site were revealed in aerial photographs and are now being investigated

* London Charterhouse set to open to the public for the first timeIn partnership with the Museum of London, the Charterhouse will be creating a new museum within the Tudor mansion, as well as a Learning Centre and an exhibition space which will tell the story of Charterhouse and its role in key moments in English history.

* Tudormania: Why can’t we get over it?Our fixation with the sexy powerplays of the Tudor court shows no signs of fading. What is it about this 16th-century dynasty that still obsesses us?

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