More on the popularity of the Tudors

I wasn’t planning on posting this originally, since it sort of covers territory of other articles I’ve recently posted, but since several people have mailed me the link, I guess I had better post it! 🙂

From The New York Times:

Among the many things for which he will be remembered, Paul Scofield, who died on Wednesday at 86, helped to usher in a whole era of classy, lushly produced costume films set in the Tudor period. He made the 16th century seem glamorous.

“A Man for All Seasons” was so evocative and so good-looking — and such a draw at the box office — that it spawned dozens of imitations. For a while you could hardly go to the movies or turn on highbrow television without seeing people in doublets, hose and ruffs, writing with quills. You would have thought the appeal would be worn out by now, but decades later our fascination with Henry and his wives, if not with More, oddly persists. We know some of this stuff better than our own history.

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  1. Popcorn & Chain Mail, four people who comment on historical movies, is sporking
    “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”.

  2. Hi!
    this is Ramiro, from I just discovered the TV series “The Tudors” and I must say I love it!! It has been recently aired here in Spain and it has had huge success. If ytou want to echoe it, I have just published a post reviewing the first episodes:

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