Sunday Short Takes

Here are a few stories from the past couple of weeks that caught my eye:

* ‘Witchmarks’ discovered at the Tower of LondonRecent extensive conservation of the Queen’s House at the Tower of London has revealed something quite extraordinary… over 59 apotropaic symbols, or ‘witchmarks’ as they are commonly known. … The marks are thought to date back from around 1540 to the early 18th century.

* A magical glimpse into the Tudor imagination: Lost library of John Dee to be revealedTreasured books from the lost Library of Tudor polymath John Dee will be revealed in a special exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians Museum in January 2016

* Yours for £2.1m, 9th-century manor house that is fit for a king (or several)An historic Isle of Wight manor house previously owned by no less than eight British monarchs goes on the market

* Hidden portrait of Henry VIII’s only son, Edward VI, emerges in painting of boy king who died at 15A previously unknown portrait of Henry VIII’s only son, Edward VI, revealed by tree ring-dating to have been created shortly after the king’s death at the age of 15, has been discovered in the art collection of London’s Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity.


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  1. With his long face, cropped blond hair and cherry-red lips, Edward in this portrait has a close resemblance to some of the images of Katherine Grey. I wonder if Ph.D. Historian has some insights about this discovery …?

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