Around my hometown

I can’t believe I’ve managed to do half a month of the August blogging challenge so far!

Today’s post is photos of my hometown. I’m lucky enough to live in Austin, Texas, a great city for food, music, education, technology, and all-around fun! Yes, it can get beastly hot in the summers, but the winters are usually mild and the spring and fall are often quite lovely. We’re especially proud of our amazing wildflowers in the spring!

I wasn’t organized enough to pull together a bunch of around town photos, so I’ll post a couple of night time shots, one from the top of my building at work and one from just south of the river that runs through town. In the top photo, you’re looking south towards downtown Austin from the roof of Robert Lee Moore Hall which houses the Physics, Math, and Astronomy programs. Most of the buildings in the foreground are part of the University of Texas (my alma mater and my employer). The view is a little hazy because central Texas had had an influx of dust from the Sahara that week. (Yes, the big African desert – Austin is the same latitude as Cairo and the jet stream can carry dust right across the globe!) In the second photo, the thing off to the right is a full-scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope (launching in a few years) that was brought to Austin during the weeks of craziness in March known as South By Southwest.

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