Astley Castle to be saved

From 24 Hour Museum:

Astley Castle in Warwickshire is one step closer to being saved by building preservation charity the Landmark Trust following news that the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has given a pledge of support for a grant of £1.47million.

Often laying claim to the title ‘the home of three Queens of England’ the castle has lain derelict since it was devastated by fire in 1978 and was cited by English Heritage as one of the 16 highest priority buildings at risk in England.

The medieval seat of the Astleys, the castle was later owned by the Grey family, of which Lady Jane Grey was a member.

Costing a total of £2.2 million the Landmark Trust is developing a fundraising campaign to secure the remaining funds. English Heritage have confirmed a grant this week towards emergency stabilisation work which will be started later this year to stop the building deteriorating further.

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  1. I lived in Smorrall lane Bedworth and visited the Castle as a child most Sundays with parents.
    I moved to Blackpool in 1984,could you please let me know what happened to the £150 K lottery grant from over 10 years ago as detailed in telegraph newspaper?

  2. I don’t know much about earlier attempts to save the castle beyond what is mentioned on this page:

    I would suggest contacting the Landmark Trust for more information.

  3. The Landmark Trust (buildings preservation charity) tried to save Astley Castle back in the 1990s and the £150,000 was an emergency repairs grant to shore up the fabric – the castle (more a fortified manor) dates back to the 14thC but was devasted by fire in 1978. The 1990s scheme to restore the whole proved too expensive. The site is owned by the Arbury Estate but, since the 18thC, has played second fiddle to Gothick Arbury Hall as the main seat. The economics and will to find a solution for Astley proved far beyond the estate, so in 2006 Landmark (a persistent organisation) came back for another try, this time with a more imaginative and radical – and last ditch – solution. See

    They’re on site at the moment with Phase 1 (to clear and consolidate) pending a decision on a Heritage Lottery Grant in June 2009 to create holiday accomodation within the ruins (assuming they can raise the money).

    Astley resonates with associations throughout the Tudor period – Elizabeth Woodville almost certainly spent time there as Grey’s wife/widow (it was a Grey property), ownership then passed to Elizabeth of York and thence to Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk and Lady Jane’s father. Beautiful moated site, beautiful landscape, being reinstated in everyone’s awareness after decades of neglect.

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