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(Links to historical maps, map collections, and reproduction map stores have been moved to their own page)

NEW LINK! History Masterclass - Small group history workshops from experts in their fields

Agecroft Hall - A Tudor estate now in Richmond, Viginia - Genealogy, Family Trees & Family History Records

Anglican History Blog

Anistoriton - Magazine of Archaeology, History and Art

Best of History Web Sites

Biography Channel

British Stock Photography at Can Stock Photo

Building Community: Medieval Technology and American History

De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History

Digital History - A guide to gathering, preserving and presenting history on the web

English Classics - English antiques and reproductions

English Collection - UK and US History and media collections

Executed Today

Eyewitness to History - History through the eyes of those who lived it - Coats of arms on t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc.

Feminine Given Names in the Dictionary of English Surnames - Great resource for historical fiction writers

Find A Grave

Foto Search Stock Images

The Garden History Society

Glossary of Medieval Art and Architecture

Great Buildings Collection - 3-D views of famous buildings from around the world

Harmony Designs, Inc. - Custom bookmarks, etc. Look for the designs with Henry VIII and Wives!

Headless Historicals - Dolls of famous executions through history, including some Tudor ones!

Historic Cities - Maps and documents

Historical Figures of George Stuart - Figures of famous figures from history, including some Tudors!

Historical Podcasts - A directory of history podcasts

History Net

History Resources - University of Texas Library

History Today Magazine

HyperHistory On-line

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies

Le Poulet Gauche - 16th Century France

The Long Gallery - Online style resource for medieval, Tudor and Victorian revival architecture

Maid of Heaven - All about Joan of Arc

Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology - Cambridge

Medieval and Renaissance History at

The Medieval Bestiary - Animals in the Middle Ages - Where the Middle Ages begins

National Archives of Scotland

NetSERF - The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources

Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legends - Archive of history and resources

On This Day in History - from

Philosophy of History

Plimoth Plantation


Renaissance Forum - Electronic Journal

Renaissance On-line exhibit

Renaissance Spell

Reproduction Tudor Miniatures - Buy your own copies of famous Tudor miniatures

Rosalie's Medieval Woman

The Sixteenth Century

Stock Photography at Go Graph

Timelines of History

Virtual Tours from the BBC History pages

Warstore - Historical and military store

Witchcraft Collection - From the Cornell Univeristy Library

World Digital Library

World History Connected

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