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11 October 2015

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1 January 2015

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Tudor, Renaissance and British links of interest, as well as a few other things!
Some links may appear in more than one category.

Tudor History

General Tudor history - Updated 1 January 2015

The Tudor Monarchs and Other Figures in Tudor History (except those listed separatey below)

Elizabeth I and Elizabethan England

Shakespeare (including Stratford-upon-Avon, the Globe, etc.)

Tudor Discussion Lists and Forums

Other Related Topics from Medieval and Renaissance History

Archives, Libraries, Texts, and Manuscripts - Internet libraries, author-specific, and literature collections, etc. (Shakespeare sites are above, maps listed separately below) - Updated 26 July 2015

Daily Life - includes religious information, wedding customs, women's studies, science and technology, and more

Fashion, Costuming, Armor, and Needlework

Historical Food and Drink - Updated 26 October 2014

Language and Writing - Latin, history of English, paleography and handwriting, etc.

Music and Dance

Renaissance Faires, Re-enacting, and Living History

Royalty, Heraldry, and Genealogy - Updated 11 October 2015

Other Resources

Authors and Historians

Bookstores, Publishers, and Book Information

British History - General resources and pre- & post-Tudor British history, including historical maps of Britain - Updated 11 October 2015

British Landmarks, Towns, and Regions - including some general historical architecture with British entries - Updated 29 March 2015

Education Sites - Lessons, lectures, tips, etc. from grade-school to college level

Entertainment - Official and fan sites of Tudor-themed movies and television

General History Resources - And a few other things! - Updated 22 March 2015

Maps - Historical maps and map collections (reference and reproductions to purchase)

Museums, Libraries, Achives, and Art-Related Pages - Updated 29 March 2015

Travel Information - including maps, accommodation, etc. - Updated 2 August 2015

Writing and Research Resources - info for writing papers and historical fiction; punctuation, style and citation guides, etc.


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