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I've occasionally received offers (usually quite generous) to help with the site. Since history is a very subjective thing, I am hesitant to have others write the biographies and topical articles for the site, since I might not agree with their views or interpretations. But, I do want to encourage people who are very interested in writing about the Tudors to start their own websites!

But, people can still help with the site in several different ways. First, submitting items for the blog is helpful to me since I'm not always going to be out looking through the web for Tudor-related stuff. Thanks to Google news alerts, I'm better at catching news articles now, but reader submissions are helpful too. Also, I'm always looking for more additions to the humor pages!

I finally came up with a way to make the Ask or Help Answer Questions page more interactive and transformed it into the Tudor Question and Answer Blog. This is the best way for people to help me out with the site. I don't have time (or expertise) to answer all the questions that come in, so this is a way for readers to contribute answers. Instructions are at the top of the Q&A Blog page.