Picture of the Week #430

Church of St Michael the Archangel, Framlingham, Suffolk, England. Photo May 2015.

So far the only other picture I’ve used from St. Michael’s is the tomb of Henry Fitzroy (Picture of the Week #340) but expect to see more in the future. They were doing a recording when I first got over to the church (a short walk from the castle) so I wandered around the outside for a while and took a bunch of photos of some great overgrown and weathered graves in the churchyard. And I have a lot more photos of the interior, including some close-ups of features on Fitzroy’s grave.

And any fans of the show Detectorists might recognize the church from the show, although I seem to recall it was actually a stand-in for a library. At one point there is a scene of two of the characters sitting on a bench outside and I realized I sat on that very same bench after my walk around while I was waiting for them to open the church!

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