Sunday Short Takes

* The July issue of History Today features an article by Janet Dickson on the The Final Years of Elizabeth I’s Reign (article preview at link)

* Richard III tomb design unveiled in LeicesterThe wooden coffin will be made by Michael Ibsen, a distant relative of Richard III, while the tomb will be made of Swaledale fossil stone, quarried in North Yorkshire.

And finally, a few more interesting historical houses up for sale for your “what would I do if a had a few quid to spare” dreaming…

* The Norfolk house fit for King Henry VIII – yours for just £2.75m

* 7 bedroom town house for sale in Much Wenlock, Shopshire

* 5 bedroom detached house for sale in Leicestershire

All three properties have some wonderful features, especially for someone who loves exposed beams and woodwork like I do. It would be a tough choice if I won the lottery this week!


Sunday Short Takes — 2 Comments

  1. There was some angry kerfuffling that Richard’s tomb does not resemble those of other late medieval kings, but I think it’s reasonably appropriate for a ruler whose reputation is, well, equivocal to say the least. Also, I don’t think the craftsmen still exist who could fashion accurate facsimiles of the statuary, canopy, and all the rest that went along with a 15th-century tomb (3-D printing maybe?). It does have a certain austere dignity.

  2. I like the design.

    Richard is being appropriately buried in the 21st century, and ‘gingerbread’ and ‘bells and whistles’ would detract from his final resting place. What I especially like is that the design is evocative of how his contemporaries felt about him…just a place in the ground itself, originally, and then that was only due to the kindness of strangers in a section of England that Richard didn’t visit continually…like York.

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