Sunday Short Takes

First up is an article from the February History Today I missed a few weeks ago. (Note – you’ll need a subscription to read the full article.)

* Thomas Cromwell’s Abbess, Margaret VernonHenry VIII’s masterful administrator and reformer forged an unlikely friendship with a female religious, as Mary C. Erler explains.

Next up, a story about an interesting find in Deptford

* Deptford Dockyard royal Tudor foundation stone discovered with King Henry VIII’s initials

And I wanted to give a signal boost to the new blog at, run by my friend Heather! She’s also launched a Google+ page – go check them out!


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted some great historic properties on the market that I dream of buying should I win the lottery (actually *playing* the lottery would probably help my chances…). These two were posted by Jonathan Foyle on Twitter last week and caught my eye. If you’re on Twitter and interested in historic British buildings, he’s a must follow!

Both of these date from the late 15th century and have a bunch of architectural features that I love. If I were to actually win the lottery, I’d have a tough time choosing!

This first one is in Powys, near Offa’s Dyke:

And this one is in Chagford, Devon:

Click on the picture to go to the listings pages for more pictures and more information. And if you just happen to be in the market and purchase one of these properties, please invite me for a visit! :)


Sunday Short Takes — 2 Comments

  1. When homes that need recondition work are purchased in GB, are there local codes that are enforced to make sure the home is set back to its ‘original’ condition? Or is that only for homes that are of historical significance?

    My favorite? The estate is Powys!. Come on, lottery!!!!

  2. I don’t know a lot about the laws, but both of those are Grade II* listed buildings which means there are some protections in place for them. I think you have to get approval for renovations, etc.

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