Sunday Short Takes

The story that lit up my news alerts the most this past week was the announcement that a team of researchers working on the DNA of Richard III are going to map the king’s complete genome:

* Richard III: Scientists to sequence DNA

Another popular story last week was the auction of another supposed flag from the Battle of Bosworth (see here for a link to another from past September):

* Richard III’s ‘Battle of Bosworth flag’ sold at Suffolk auction

In “Tudors on TV” news – Suzannah Lipscomb’s newest program, a two-part documentary on Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s relationship, starts Thursday on Channel 5 in the UK:

* Henry & Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History

And finally…

I just wanted to give a shout-out to the British Library’s Flickr account, which now has over 1 million public domain images from their collections. And of course there are some Tudor-history-related items in there, such as the one above of Henry VIII and Will Somers from the Psalter of Henry VIII and this one of the Trial of Mary Queen of Scots as just a few examples!


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