Sunday Short Takes

* More cannon found on Alderney Elizabethan wreck – More news on a find that I’ve been following for a few years now. (Search on “Alderney” in the side bar for previous articles.)

* The December issue of BBC History Magazine is out and features an article by Steven Gunn and Tomasz Gromelski on animal accidents in Tudor England (another interesting product of their research into coroner’s reports).

* Revealed: the tomb of Henry VIII’s forgotten son – Digital reconstructions of the tombs of Henry Fitzroy and Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk. (See this previous round-up for 2011 for some more articles related to this project.

* Spotted via the Lady Jane Grey Reference Guide, Dr. Stephan Edwards of Some Grey Matter has found and translated two Italian letters concerning Lady Jane Grey that seem to have been previously overlooked by scholars. Start here for the background on the letters and links to the originals and translations.

And finally:

* The annual Tanner Ritchie Holiday Sale is on! – A great time to stock up on their Tudor-era primary source texts.


Sunday Short Takes — 1 Comment

  1. The letters and commentary on Lady Jane Grey are fascinating – thanks, PhD! Do you have any view on whether their contents up-end the current scholarly take?

    I particularly enjoyed the Italian’s remark on Guildford – “a good husband without gifts other than beauty” – which sort of supports the traditional conception of him as a good-looking dimwit, but also indicates he was not the monster spouse of countless biographies. Also of interest is the assertion of the Duchess of Suffolk’s lack of enthusiasm for her daughter’s enthronement; the allegation that Jane was forced to it “by beating”, although “it’ is obscure – the wedding or her queenship?; and the writer’s lamentation that “so noble a person might be so confined in downfall by the hand of one’s own father” – which anticipates Jane’s alleged letter to Suffolk after his rebellion doomed her and her husband.

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