Sunday Short Takes

News still seems to be slow right now, but I had a few things to post this week.

* Bess of Hardwick’s Letters – The Complete Correspondence c.1550-1608 – I think this site just came online this past week and is a great resource! In addition to the text of the letters (which can also be downloaded in PDF form), many entries have images of the originals. There is also a background section with essays, tutorials for reading early modern handwriting, podcasts and more.

* Richard III church to be revealed in excavation – The University of Leicester archaeologists plan to return to the site this summer and to uncover more of the church where Richard III was buried.

* BBC History Magazine’s History Weekend – This isn’t until October, but I wanted to go ahead and post about it now before I normally would (late September for the October books and events post) in case it sells out early. Not surprisingly they have put together a great line-up of speakers on many topics (Tudor era included!).

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