Picture of the Week #214

Outside the Bell Tower of the Tower of London. Photo June 2000.

Among the prisoners who are thought to have been held in the Bell Tower are Sir Thomas More and Bishop John Fisher, in Henry VIII’s reign. And for the longest time, I thought Elizabeth I was held there when she was a princess in Mary I’s reign. Well, it turned out, prompted by a question on my Q&A blog, that Elizabeth was NOT held there, but rather in the royal apartments (which actually makes a lot more sense). And I was surprised to find out that is isn’t known for certain that More and Fisher were held there either. Considering I visited a cell in the Tower in 2000 that was being displayed as “Sir Thomas Mores’s cell”, I thought it was pretty well known. But apparently not! You can learn more at the Historic Royal Palace’s information page on the Bell Tower (PDF).

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