Sunday Short Takes

The theme of this week’s round-up inadvertently ended up being archaeological and forensic in nature!

A little on the on-going research into the potential Richard III find:

* ‘It’s not like CSI’: the Science of the Search for Richard III

* Scientists to reconstruct Richard III’s face

And some more work on the skeletons from the Mary Rose:

* Experts poised to discover secrets of ship’s archers

* Mary Rose: scientists identify shipwreck’s elite archers by RSI

* How bones from Mary Rose reveal more about ship’s crew – (Video from BBC News)

And a follow-up to the story about the exhumation of Tycho Brahe from 2010:

* Mercury poisoning of Danish astronomer ruled out – Thanks to Kathy for this link!

* Was Tycho Brahe Poisoned? According to New Evidence, Probably Not

And lastly, this was too cute not to share:

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