Picture of the Week #156

Front of St. Mary’s Church at Sudeley Castle. Photo May 1998.

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3 Responses to Picture of the Week #156

  1. Lorraine Anrico says:

    Is this where Katherine Parr was re-interred after the desecration of her tomb a century or so after her death?

  2. Lara says:

    Yes, that’s where Katherine Parr is buried (see http://tudorhistory.org/blog/2009/09/03/picture-of-the-week-35/). She was originally buried there but was forgotten until her coffin was accidentally found about 250 years later. That’s when it was opened and then re-buried. The effigy in the picture I linked to above came along later (19th century, I think?).

  3. Bladerunner says:

    Thank you Laura, and Happy New Year!

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